*sheepish explanatory post*

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog for weeks and weeks - I’ve had exams and a dodgy internet connection. 

I’m actually thinking of letting this blog go - I’ll be travelling the world in 6 weeks time and while I plan on manipulating the ubiquity of McDonalds for free wi-fi, I doubt I’ll do a very accurate job.

I started lookwhatjackdid before Blunderbuss, when whatjackwasdoing was much more all over the place and harder to find out about, whereas now you can just follow his facebook and find out everything, so blogs like this one are a bit more redundant (I’m not complaining, just pointing out). Regardless, if anyone would like to help actually carry this one on, message me and I’ll give you admin powers.

I won’t delete, cause there’s stuff in the archives (not much but being an obsessive tagger it’s all helpfully filed - I wish that was a skill I could put on a CV…)

So unless I get a random rush of blood to the head, this is goodbye from me, thank you for following, and may you continue to enjoy all sorts of black-and-white-and-one-other-colour goodness :)

"I'm playing songs that aren't mine..."

NPR interview with Jack White

987FM's Kennedy Interviews Jack White


A really great radio interview :)

I just heard about Rag & Bone Magazine, a fan-run Jack White / TMR mag that’s apparently dropping in July. They have a twitter and apparently a website coming soon

More US tour dates:

August 6: Omaha Music Hall in Omaha, NE
August 10: Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA 
August 14: WaMu Theater in Seattle, WA w/Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three 
August 15: Rose Quarter-Theater of the Clouds in Portland, OR w/Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three

Vault presale on Wednesday at 10am, general public tickets on sale Friday at 10

Beck – I Just Started Hating Some People Today (329 plays)


Beck - I Just Started Hating Some People Today

My new anthem.

Beck’s new Blue Series release, featuring our man on background vocals (and presumably production duties?). Awesome.

the “is Jack White sexist” issue

TMR tweeted a link to this article on XXfactor, which is a response to this one from The Atlantic.

Just thought it was kind of interesting - it’s a topic that’s been bandied round for years now.

Jacks new Interview on KROQ

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longest post ever but please read!!!


So it seems like a lot of people want to do that Jack White gift thing. If you didn’t read my post earlier, here’s what’s going down:

I’m going from Dallas, TX to Morrison, CO on August 7 to see Jack White play at Red Rocks Amphitheater on August 8. I’m wanting to do what I did for The Kills when I saw them in January where I had some people from tumblr send me messages that they’d want me to deliver to The Kills (which I successfully did).

For Jack, I’m wanting you guys to submit messages to me to deliver to Jack along with a picture of yourself with your favorite one of his albums, whether it be a White Stripes album, Raconteurs album, Dead Weather album, or Blunderbuss. CD or Vinyl. If you go the whole digital route, take a picture of yourself with your ipod playing a song from the album.

I feel like this could be really cool and (maybe) it would make him happy to know that we love him (way too much). I know a lot of you won’t get to see him anytime soon (and I’m traveling through two states to see him and this is my first time) and I think it’d be nice to let Jack see something that we’ve written for him instead of just the lame shit on our blogs (no offense, my blog included.)

This isn’t going to be one of those “you must follow me or I won’t deliver your message!!!” things. You don’t have to follow me, I really don’t care. The only rule I have for this is not to offer yourself sexually to him because I’d feel really uncomfortable delivering a sex letter to Jack White aka God.

Also: If you don’t want to include a picture of yourself, that’s fine, I’ll still deliver your message!


I’ll stop accepting these on August 6 (my birthday eheheh) at 7 pm (Dallas, TX time) so you’ve got over two months to think of something to write. You can submit them (as a photo!!!!) to my blog here. I’ll message you as a little ~confirmation~ thing and I’ll never post it publicly. 

So please please please do this or I’m going to feel really dumb and I think this sounds like a cool idea. Feel free to reblog if you’d like to help get the word out.

(ONE MORE THING: this will be my first Jack White show ever so I really don’t know the chances of me meeting him but I will fight to the death to deliver these messages)

Signal boost


Jack White Live at Webster Hall (American Express Unstaged) — April 27, 2012

The middle has been cut, so it doesn’t contain Gary Oldman talking or a fifteen minute wait for Jack to begin performing again. Sorry if you wanted that to be included. Downloads enabled.